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About me

Jonathan Ford

Lead Photographer

Our Vision:

Taking a risk and cultivating a culture through visual media.


Who We Are:

My name is Jonathan Ford, I am the founder of Life Made LLC which is an imaging and branding company. Life Made was founded in 2010 in Murfreesboro TN, it is now located in Memphis TN.  We specialize in photography, film, and brand development.

What Do We Do:

Life Made LLC is a one stop power house in visual media. We shoot beauty shots, headshots, portraits, documentaries, music videos, etc.


Our audio recording is unmatched, we record voiceovers, live recordings on lavalier, boom, and condenser microphones with audio engineering on logic pro. 

We can now shoot aerial view shots in 4k with our drones!


We can help brand and develop your social media sites.


Our Plan:


We plan to give clients a clean professional look for an affordable price. We are here to help you on your journey whether it be through the arts or if you just need a photographer for your special day. Can't wait to work with you!



We are what life is made of.

William Bartley


Memphis Voyager Article

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